We love when a high end luxury brand creates a “concept” product based on the futuristic images we all look forward to becoming a reality. Your in luck for the anticipation grows with the new release of a movie trailer staring Will Smith as the 007 of the moment.

Audi has unveiled a concept car first at Pebble Beach Automotive Week for the first time ever. The new PB 18 e-tron is a high-performance concept combining success from Audi's LMP1 race car and the R18 e-tron. The car is powered by three electric motors, outputting up to 570 kW (764 horsepower).

Design for the Audi concept comes from inspiration by the Aicon conceptof 2017, which had a sharp tumblehome and extended wheel arches. Wind tunnel conceptualizing and other driver-focused elements set the PB 18 e-tron apart from the Aicon, however, as the earlier concept was meant to be a fully automated vehicle, while this new Pebble Beach unveiling is a driver-focused vehicle.

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