The latest home to cross our radar is this East Hampton-based abode — the impressive “Old Orchard” project. Blaze Makoid architecture worked on the minimalist creation, having been given the brief of upgrading the 10,000 sq ft space by the owners, to deal with the growing family and giving the second home more of a cosy feel.

Makoid united the visual feel of both spaces, using a blend of simple wood and glass elements to contrast with the aluminium exterior that was previously in place. The project itself is very much in line with the architect’s usual practice, typically known for creating home spaces that will ape the best part of hotels, something he has coined as making “personal resorts.”

Take a look through the gallery and see if he’s managed to do just that on this space. The last home we took a stroll through was the House W, which brought the cozy feel to the hillside