Your summer destination: PORTUGAL

The Algarve has long been known as Portugal’s summertime playground thanks to development in resort towns like Portimão and Albufeira. But if you’re looking for a more rustic destination better suited for a laidback holiday, you’ll want to head further east towards the Spanish border, where you’ll stay at Fazenda Nova, a lovingly transformed farmhouse. It harvests and produces its own olive oil, contains an on-site herb and vegetable garden, and offers access to the Fazenda Nova beach, which was introduced last year. The Fazenda Country House first opened in 2012 with 10 suites but expanded this March with five more keys, including one to a massive 970-square-foot master suite with its own dining room, a garden with a plunge pool, and a dedicated entrance for the utmost in privacy ideal setting for the jetset crowd.