The Ritz Carlton by SEA

The new Ritz-Carlton luxury cruise ships for the '1% of global travelers

Last year the Ritz-Carlton Hotel revealed plans for a luxury cruise line, with three cruise ships set to begin sailing in 2020. This May, reservations will be open to Ritz-Carlton reward members, and all others in June 2018. 

Somewhere between a private super yacht and a small ocean liner, the Ritz-Carlton cruise ships will accommodate the "the 1% of global travelers," according to Bloomberg

The new Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is designed to defy all cruise ship stereotypes, with larger rooms, relaxing common spaces, and an on-board spa. The cruise ships boast 149 suites — each with their own private terrace — accommodating up to 298 guests. There will also be high-end dining options, including a restaurant from Sven Elverfeld of Aqua— the three Michelin-starred restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg. 

"This unique combination of yachting and cruising will usher in a new way of luxury travel for guests seeking to discover the world," said Herve Humler, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in the press release. 

Created by the firm Tillberg Design of Sweden. We are looking forward to the fabulous excursion by the sea at one of the most preeminent luxury brands for our jetsetters.   Contact your Jetset Advisor for further details.