Destination to be experience, BEIRUT

Where else in the world can you hike a breathtaking mountain trail in the morning, and be sprawled on the beach in the afternoon? Add a rich history and a dash of style into the mix and there’s only one place that fits the bill: Beirut. Like its mother country, Beirut is small and easy to explore. But rushing through this charismatic city would be an insult to each of its striking discoveries.

Summer can get hot and humid, but that means it’s the perfect time to visit one of Beirut’s stunning beaches. Hiking trails open up in the late spring and you’ll find plenty to do when the sun goes down. Winter tends to be a bit rainy, but skiers might have the chance to catch some great snow up in the mountains.

In Beirut, one minute you could be contemplating ancient Phoenician statues and the next you could be admiring a striking painting in a modern gallery. With a blend of classic museums, like the Beirut National Museum, and contemporary galleries, like Marfa' and ARTLAB, there’s a lot of art to appreciate. After admiring the preserved art, add in the historical buildings that are just as carefully crafted - like Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and the Ottoman ruins.

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