Bombardier Unveils, not one but TWO

Bombardier has launched a full-court press against large cabin business jet rival Gulfstream this week, unveiling two new aircraft in the top-of-the-line market space. The Canadian airframer renamed its flagship business jet to reflect its increased range and unveiled two new slightly smaller large-cabin business jets at the annual EBACE European business jet show that opens Tuesday.

The flagship Global 7000, still in flight test, was rechristened the Global 7500 to reflect better range, takeoff, and landing performance than originally anticipated. The aircraft will now be able to fly unrefueled for up to 7,700 nautical miles. Deliveries of the US$75 million ultra-long-range large cabin jet are expected to begin later this year.

Inside, both aircrafts will be fitted with Bombardier’s new “Nuage” (French for cloud) single executive seat, the product of a seven-year development program. Bombardier claims the seat corrects the design flaws of past executive jet seats and is ergonomically correct for almost any body size in any position, including sleeping. Other convenience features include Ka-band satellite connectivity that enables near global seamless Wi-Fi coverage, a galley with a steam oven, an aft stateroom with lav and optional stand-up shower, and a variety of layouts and seating configurations to accommodate 12 to 17 passengers.