Benefits of Private Travel

Whenever you talk to anyone about flying on a private plane, you may find that you get asked questions like “What are the benefits of flying private versus flying commercial?” and “Is flying private just considered to be a form of luxury travel?” Keep reading to hear all the benefits that you can get from private jet chatter. 

There are many benefits to traveling by private jet. Even though it could be seen as being luxurious, the main benefits for flying on a private plane is that it is efficient and convenient. For instance, in a private plane, you do not have to fly out of a busy airport, unless you choose to. If you live or work close to a general airport, then you can leave from there and avoid the traffic that comes at a large commercial airport. 

Even if you decide to leave from a busy airport, you depart from an FBO or fixed base of operation. This removes all the issues with a commercial terminal. However, you will have to park in a specific lot and be shuttled to the aircraft. However, the parking for private flyers are free and always secure. The transport drivers also load your baggage onto the plane for you, so you do not have to worry if your baggage will be damaged, lost or end up in a different city. 

When you decide to fly private, it can also save you all the frustration and stress of dealing with those horrible security lines. While the plane captain has the right to search your luggage, there is not a line or x-ray machine. You do not have to remove your belts, clothing, shoes, or jewelry and you do not have to worry about that wand. Your captain will often greet you at the FBO and then ask to see your identification before you are escorted to your plane. If a passenger is late, the plane will wait. There are not any changes during the flight, so there is not a reason to run between terminals to catch a connecting plane. When you are on the plane, you will choose when to drink and eat whatever was pre-ordered before the flight. 

Flying private is just private and it is very confidential. The only people who are on the plane are whoever you have invited. You can hold meetings or work uninterrupted if you need to. Almost every private plane will be equipped with connections for a laptop and some even have fax machines and phones. It is based on the plane, but a passenger can listen to music, watch satellite TV, or watch movies. You can even get up and change seats, and move around. If you are on an overnight flight, then if the plane is equipped with it, you can have beds for you and your guests. 

Before you land, ground transportation will be called by the air crew so that you do not have to wait. It is these actions by the team and crew that take all of the hassle out of air travel. You can arrive at your destination ready to play or work. You save time and get more done. You can visit multiple areas in a single day or change up flight times and destinations as needed. This is why flying private is luxury travel.