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Uncharted and undeveloped this amazing city of natural history is Cienfuegos, a city on Cuba’s southern coast, sets a perfect afternoon scene: musicians sing traditional Cuban ballads in the central Plaza de Armas, while just beyond, a group of children play tag near the Tomás Terry Theater, a French colonial building with a horseshoe-shaped hall lacquered in gold-leaf mosaics. I’m regrettably only here for a day before setting off on a yacht that will sail the Canarreos Archipelago. It may not be the easiest island destination—requiring nearly an eight-hour overnight voyage southeast of Cienfuegos—but it’s well worth the work to visit the region’s estimated 350 islets. Roughly as long as the Florida Keys, the Canarreos Archipelago is unlike anywhere in the Caribbean for one poignant reason: Cuba’s coral reefs are healthy and intact.

Experience the culture of Cuba living the ways of the land with this curated destination that includes experiences only to be lived here among the coral reef and unprecedented environment while living the luxury of the culture.