The phenomenon of international coproduction arose at Cannes in the late 1940s. The festival was at times the site of artistic contention as well, as in 1958–59, when advocates and opponents of the French New Wave exchanged diatribes and manifestos.

THis extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the globally recognized film festival and it’s lavish parts among the jetset is the event of the year.  Attracting tourists, film and music producers, entertainers and various other members of the multimedia industry.

Cannes is a significant hub for social, cultural and historical events influencing the media industry and specifically the film industry. Cannes is located on the coast of France making it home to magnificent beaches and perfectly ideal weather for tourists. La Croisette, a popular destination within Cannes, provides restaurants, cafés and shops combined with a breathtaking view of the waterfront, making for an unforgettable shopping, dining and entertainment experience.   VIP tickets and accommodations are inclusive to your private aviation travel experience with Marquis.




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