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The peak season of holiday travel is here (wondrous as it may be!) and for most of us, that means at least one harrowing journey to the airport.  Whether your flying commercial to the destination that takes your home for the holidays or a leisurely private jet charter flight that’s when it’s a gift to have your advisor help to plan every aspect of your travels, and those unexpected plans as well!! To be rest assured that every detail has been planned in advanced and steps to avoid the the mishaps that always destined to sometimes happen, may it be de-icing, turbulent weather, or expired passports. Anything that could happen, often times does.

We want our members to have every available option for their travels always, but especially during the holidays peak times. Not making time to discuss your itinerary in as much advance time as possible can lead to an aggravated and disruptive travel experience. So with that said we invite you to take advantage of your membership by speaking with your advisor today.

Happy trails and safe travels this holiday season!