At MJS, we understand the intricacy of the jetset lifestyle. Our combined knowledge and experienced concierge team are hands-on and will execute extraordinary and curated personal concierge services in the world of luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle from start to finish and everywhere in between. Experience exclusive membership access to brand partnership perks and private events by our luxury partners.

With years of experience behind us, our team puts pride in our commitment to ensuring your needs are met beyond expectations whether locally, nationally or during your global travels. If for business or pleasure, each dedicated advisors will tailor and curate a customized lifestyle profile that is bespoke to your specific lifestyle requirements. Each is assigned to guide you, to inspire you, to customize the concierge services you find necessary to live a fulfilling and untended lifestyle based on your specific requirements, tastes, preferences. Escape from the ordinary and enter into the extraordinary world offered through the exclusive memberships of bespoke luxury concierge services.

Whatever life throws you we can assist you with every aspect of handling with the care and support that you need. Our clients relish in the decadence of being a Marquis client, and it's many benefits locally and globally. From as something as simple as VIP access to the hottest restaurants, clubs, and luxury resorts and ensuring you are experiencing the best there is. Some client enjoys access to some of the sought after events and private reserve opportunities around the globe that are otherwise limited to most or not available at all. The MJS Standard means every aspect that you need is handled and supported is not only covered and planned but tailored to the way you live your life everyday home and away.



-Travel incentives & curated experiences beyond your landing at destination: unknown





- Imagine having all your cuisine needs fulfilled while on the go. At Marquis we offer a complete restaurant food itinerary once your destination is established. complete cuisine experiences tailored to your specific needs -





- Marquis highlights elevated taste throughout various interests including design. We believe in continuously updating our clients and keeping them in the loop on various interests based on their own lifestlye -



- Special VIP Events and arrangements are a main focus and we strive to elevate your travel experience anywhere we see fit -




- Our resident advisors at Marquis have an array of backgrounds. One specific interest is fashion foward featuring the latest travel accessories or Resort Collection review based on not only your destination but personal style  -  inquire about our curated #fashionWEEK events that happen around the globe


- Our meticulous lifestyle management services don't stop at air and land. From booking a private yacht in the French Rivera to attending exclusive yacht parties in Ibiza , creating lifetime experiences is the Marquis way -