In the growing trend as most things that grow too fast, too quick there is a lack of consistency and quality with products and services.  

With that in mind that launch of the epitomes brand One Marquis Supreme Luxe Retreats put's it's brand in the game to change the narrative of how luxury travelers spend their vacations with their high end luxury retreats.  Each home is owned and managed to ensure the highest in quality service in luxuriously appointed fully furnished spacious homes with first class amenities, cookware, and high end designer finishes to enjoy.   Not to mention the quality of their properties they also come with a dedicated "Guest Attendant" that also services as your personal concierge to assist you during your stay with all the trivial and mundane tasks no one wants to deal with.  Book your next trip and experience the 5 star luxury of a vacation rental with the ease and conveniences as if you were in your own home. 

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